Terrible romance novels are better with kittehs

So I hope all of you have heard about this contest ArchivesNext is hosting. And I hope all of you are entering. And to spare you the experience of actually reading the book, I have summarized it below.

Inspired by this lolcat version of Twilight.

Photo credits:

Mouser (black kitteh): @RepoRat

Frida: Kevin Schlottmann

Historical kitteh: RHSJ St. Joseph Region Archives (Acc.# 2005.059), via @rgscarter

Bedroom: Bedroom in Gripsholm Castle, Mariefred, Sweden from the Swedish National Heritage Board

Clock: Bryan “16-1” Metal Portrait Clock, ca. 1896 from Cornell University Library

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11 Responses to “Terrible romance novels are better with kittehs”

  1. Dorothea Says:

    Mouser is actually gray, though you wouldn’t know it from that pic. Love this! Sharing with all and sundry.

  2. akamarkman Says:

    “will give u staff and storage space”

    “o ok”

    made me lol

  3. Ruth Says:

    That gives me a big happy.

  4. Karen Says:

    Love this!!!!

  5. Joan Says:

    Now I need to read the book, since I’ve seen the movie!

  6. Archivista Says:

    Now that’s seriously funny.

  7. Lisa Pasquinelli Rickey Says:

    Haha – taht was great!

  8. E Says:

    *gasp* am choking trying not to belly-laugh in the reading room
    love love love the “censored for your burgeoning purity!”

  9. Michele Says:

    I’m laughing so hard I can hardly breathe HAHAHAAAA!!!

    Thank you soooooooo much for this :D

    *iz happy*

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    […] Oh. Em. Gee. As soon as I got back to Philly, I sent in my acceptance letter. And I’m thrilled to announce that on October 10th, I’ll be joining La Salle University‘s Connelly Library as the Media and Digital Services Librarian. (or archivist, whatevs) […]

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