I don’t think this one really needs any commentary.


Photo courtesy of the Swedish National Heritage Board on Flickr Commons.

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8 Responses to “lolarchivists”

  1. Jodi Says:

    thank you for this one! even with all I’ve come to expect from the a&a list, I still don’t get this…

  2. David Says:

    Beautiful. I think it should be a poster!

  3. GeeGee Says:

    What’s the big mystery? The virtual picnic is simply about fun. Some people like watching football, some people like watching hockey, some people like blogging, some people like shopping. Different people, different sources of stress relief and blowing off steam. At their core, the people on a&a are just as human — no better, no worse — as any other archivists. As annoying as the receipt of multiple same-topic emails can be, the virtual picnic at its heart is just about having fun. That’s a pretty basic human need, isn’t it?

    • Dee Dee Says:

      This is a blog for archives humor. I’ve done comics that poke fun at Twitter, SAA, and MPLP, and a picnic on a listserv is at least as funny as any of those. I’ve never done a comic that mocks individuals or groups of archivists–I blurred out the names in my screenshot to avoid doing just that–and I’ve never called into question the humanity of A&Aers.

      If you’re new to the UR DOIN IT WRONG meme, here‘s a nice set of examples.

  4. GeeGee Says:

    No problem! I mostly was responding to Jodi who wrote that she didn’t get it regarding a&a and the VP. But thanks for posting the link. I’ve been lurking on your blog for a long time so I’ve seen plenty of humor. Something we all need.

  5. Rachel Says:

    How about instead of SAA totes we have picnic baskets with this silkscreened on them?

    • Dee Dee Says:

      Love the idea, but how do you silkscreen a picnic basket?

      • Rachel Says:

        I was imagining a chi-chi fabric-wrapped lid to the basket. So you could lift a flap of Swedes while reaching in for your potato salad.

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