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Missed opportunities: Deranger ribbons!

September 2, 2011

I still have some Deranger ribbons left over from SAA. If you want one, send a letter or postcard and I’ll mail one to whatever return address you put on it. I’m happy to mail ribbons overseas, but please tell me exactly how to address the envelope to you so it goes to the right place!

Send mail to:

[address temporarily removed]

(And if you’re thinking, hey, wouldn’t it be easier if I just emailed you my address? Yeah, maybe. But I like getting mail. Send something good. :) )

Some swag you can bring to SAA

August 5, 2010

A million points to anyone who prints and hangs one of these in the conference hotel.

If you are worried about meeting new people at SAA, why not add this badge to your nametag, and let the archivists with excellent taste in webcomics find you?

Hooray for SAA! I hope to see you at the SAA Tweetup and the session I’m presenting at.