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26 Checkouts, 99 Problems

February 28, 2011

Hey Derangers, our librarian friends need help! When ebook publishers put limits on the number of times an ebook can be checked out, they undermine libraries’ role in preserving access to information. If you’re an archivist, that ought to ruffle your folders.

Learn something: read this blog post from Librarian by Day (thanks @Girlinthe!), or follow #hcod on Twitter.

Do something: some ideas from @wawoodworth.

Let’s make an archives music video; or, Archives Paradise

June 1, 2010

Instead of posting a comic this week, I want to talk about video.

By now, most of you have probably seen the Librarians Do Gaga video by a bunch of library school kids. And there are tons more videos by library students and librarians.

Archivists, I think we can make a music video too. Go to and request an invite if you are interested in helping with production. (Not just interested in watching–that part comes much later!)

I humbly volunteer my services as a lyricist. You can listen to a sample of my work below, and I just finished the full lyrics for Archivists Do Gaga, which I think is a natural choice for our first video.

Clarification: There is no video for Archives Paradise in the works, unless you want to finish the lyrics yourself.

(Original song, original midi. I claim fair use. Please link to this page and not directly to the audio file, thanks!)

Lyrics after the jump.


Can I get a…microfilm reader?

April 9, 2010

Sorry about the comic resampling this week. I’m hoping to get caught up on drawing soon.