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MARAC swag, and an anniversary party!

November 10, 2010

Hey archivists! Do you find it hard to meet new people at conferences? Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could introduce yourself, without having to, you know, introduce yourself?

My badges, let me show you them:








If you want the Deranger badge or the door hangers I made for SAA, here they are.

Just in time for MARAC!  And if you haven’t heard, this crazy little webcomic turns two on Thursday, and we’ll be celebrating in Harrisburg. Can’t make it to the party? Like last year, there will be a virtual picnic in the comments tomorrow–stay tuned!

Edit: Oh yeah, please come to my MARAC session! S14: Open to Anything: Using Open Source Products in Repositories, Friday 4-5:30 PM. No comics, but I’ve got a fun presentation written, I promise. :)


April 29, 2010

Forget live-tweeting, I’m bringing my sketchbook.

(Photo from the National Media Museum on Flickr Commons.)