Related material (How to cite, share, and remix Derangement and Description)

Creative Commons License

Derangement and Description (DnD) by Rebecca Goldman is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.

If you cite my work, please credit me by name. Dee Dee is a fictional character and doesn’t write any content here.

If you use material from this blog, please include the name of the author (Rebecca Goldman), the webcomic (Derangement and Description) and the URL in your attribution. Newer comics have this info embedded in them–hooray! A clickable link is still a nice thing to add if you’re reposting a comic online, though.

If your intended use for DnD falls under my CC license, you don’t need to ask permission to use any of my comics, but please contact me to let me know–I’d love to see what you do! I can also give you higher-resolution images if you need them.

If you’d like to use DnD in a way not covered by my CC license, please ask first.

And of course, if you want to use my work-work, please give appropriate credit for that too.

3 Responses to “Related material (How to cite, share, and remix Derangement and Description)”

  1. Deborah Davis Says:

    I’ll be teaching a graduate class in the fall on Archival Theory and issues and I would like to paste your cartoons into sections on More Product Less Process, Archival description, etc. I would of course cite you and give you a big plug to newbies in the profession. I’ll give them the address of the site if I can’t get permission, but would rather use the pictures. For some reason I cannot cut and paste with your stuff to resize a cartoon.

    Deborah Davis, CA
    VSU Archives and Special Collections

  2. Dangers and Derangers « Derangement and Description Says:

    […] Hooray for comics! I have heard rumors of comics appearing in various SAA presentations–thanks for the visual shout-out, y’all, and don’t forget to cite! […]

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