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Archivists Do Gaga: The Video

February 12, 2011

Remember a while ago when I wrote some lyrics for a little song called Archivists Do Gaga?

Anne, you can use my finding aids anytime!

Why you shouldn’t become an archivist: the video

November 19, 2010

I’m guessing many of you saw this video about why you shouldn’t go to library school. So did Amy and I. But we decided it didn’t apply to archivists very well, so we made our own video. Thanks, Amy!

(Hey archives n00bs: the reality of being an archivist is somewhere between what the grad school admissions people will tell you and this video. Please talk to a real live archivist before you decide that this is the field for you!)

Updated August 2013: Xtranormal is dead, but here’s a link to download the video.