Scope and content (About DnD)


Derangement and Description is the world’s first (but no longer only, hi Archives CFP!) webcomic about archives, digital preservation, and metadata.

I try to have a new comic every Monday. Check back then, or subscribe to get comics in your e-mail or RSS reader.

Questions? Comments? Have a great idea for a comic? E-mail me at

2 Responses to “Scope and content (About DnD)”

  1. Bill Landis Says:

    Yr makin my day on many days, and giving us EAD in an entirely new context. Keep it up!

  2. Alison Stankrauff Says:

    What a delightful blog you have!


    I enjoy the absolute creativity and fun with which you approach our noble profession!

    Alison Stankrauff
    Indiana University South Bend
    South Bend, Indiana

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