Let’s play Future of Libraries BINGO

This one pretty much wrote itself.

Some common "Future of Libraries" pronouncements, represented as a bingo card.

Some common “Future of Libraries” pronouncements, represented as a bingo card.

Many thanks to Meg Ecclestone for the idea and encouragement. Use this bingo card generator and my text list (after the jump) to make your own cards!

free space: Author has un-checked privilege
No one reads anymore
Remember the railroads?
Libraries = public libraries
Special Collections will save us!
Make it like Google
Make it like Amazon
Make it like a bookstore (oh wait…)
Libraries are already dead
“more than books”
Disruptive innovation
Apple store
The Cloud
Everyone has Internet access
No quotes from current library users
Everything is online
Replace librarians with programmers
Digitize All The Things

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2 Responses to “Let’s play Future of Libraries BINGO”

  1. Kim Allen Scott (@MSUArchivist) Says:

    The internet is the comet, and libraries are the dinosaurs…

  2. Edgardo S. Says:

    Interesting idea. How about “Pedagogy consultant”

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