Let’s play #thatdarnlist BINGO

Instead of complaining about everyone’s favorite listserv, why not turn it into a game?

Some common A&A occurrences, represented as a bingo card.

Some common A&A occurrences, represented as a bingo card.

Use this bingo card generator and my text list (after the jump) to make your own cards!

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Young people, amirite?
Old people, amirite?
I am currently out of the office…
Friday Flowers
Haaaaaave … you tried Google?
We already discussed this, check the archives!
Geof plays the deus ex machina
Back in the old A&A days…
Reply contains 5+ previous emails
Spam email
Reply to spam email identifying it as spam email
You should filter your email better!
Talking about the list on the list
But, freedom of speech!
Passive-aggressive reply
Ragequitting the list
Accidental reply to list
Apology for accidental reply to list
Snarky comment about Twitter
If you’re posting here, you’re not working hard enough!
Apologies for cross-posting
Take my survey!
Why do things have to chaaaange?

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4 Responses to “Let’s play #thatdarnlist BINGO”

  1. Susan Hughes Says:


  2. McArthur Library Says:

    BAW HAW HAW!!! Thanks for the laugh. :-)

  3. Brenda Burk Says:


  4. Laura Zelasnic Says:

    Haven’t been on that list for some years; but I recognize every card!

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