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A Digital Dream Deferred

July 30, 2012

A Digital Dream Deferred

Bits and bytes of thanks to @sally_j, @LibSkrat, @herodotusjr, and @LanceStuch for their help finding images for this comic!

Image credits:
Panel 1: Image of the Earth recovered by the Lunar Orbiter Image Recovery Project by NASA/LOIRP
Panel 2: Thesis [Image Glitching] by Richard Almond
Panel 3: Floppy Disk by Museum of Hartlepool
Panel 4: “Burned” DVD, microwaved to ensure total elimination of private data by Roman Solo
Panel 5: Floppy-Disk-1.44-Mb_FujiFilm-MF2HD_82374 -480×360 by Emilian Robert Vicol
Panel 7: When drives attack by Jonathan

Transcript after the jump.