Love in the time of digital preservation

Love in the time of digital preservation

Photo credits:

Panel 1: George Eastman House

Panel 2: Duke Data Accessioner

Panel 3: San Diego Air and Space Museum Archives

Panel 4: Library of Congress

Panel 5: LSE Library

Panel 6: US National Archives

Panel 7: National Archives UK

Panel 8: State Library of New South Wales

Transcript after the jump.

Were you to calculate my checksum
you would discover
I am not exactly who I was
even a year ago

But humans do not yield to algorithms
(and you were never very good at binary)

Nothing lasts
by staying the same.
But how much
can two people
change each other
without losing
their significant features?

Love is not a single event
but a series of managed actions
an ongoing process
an exercise in prediction
with uncertain results
It will not sit patiently on a shelf
while you figure everything out

I can’t predict the future
and I don’t always know what I’m doing

But when you find something worth preserving
you do whatever it takes

What we have
will never be

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5 Responses to “Love in the time of digital preservation”

  1. Seth Shaw Says:

    I LOVE IT! Seriously, that is great (and not just because the DataAccessioner was used). :)

  2. terryx Says:

    Love always wins!

  3. Dorothea Says:

    I am verklempt. VERKLEMPT. This is wonderful!

  4. Ann G Says:

    Bravo! “Love is not a single event but a series of managed actions”

  5. Aurora Says:

    Very nicely crafted!

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