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October 19, 2011

So, my camera is being fussy, but I have new ribbons, and I’m bringing them to MARAC! Grab yourself a newly-redesigned DERANGER ribbon, or a NEW ARCHIVIST ribbon, or…a surprise limited edition ribbon! These super-special ribbons are my way of saying thanks to all of you who dug deep to help out archivists and archives this year, like through the Spontaneous Scholarship fund or the Shaved Beaver fund or disaster relief funds or just because you felt like helping. (And if you haven’t given yet, it’s not too late to donate!) I might run out of ribbons after MARAC, but I’ll have a new ribbon for whenever the next archives conference is.

Come find me at Session 19 (I’ll be the one ranting about internships) or the MARAC tweetup or anywhere the free food is…well, free.

(And if you’re still waiting for an SAA ribbon in the mail…I promise I didn’t forget about you!)