Deranging SAA

Derangers, come find me at SAA and I will give you one of these for your badge:

Deranger ribbon

Deranger ribbon

Unless you are the archivist who so generously indulged my desire to hear the phrase “XSLin’ like a felon” in an SAA webinar, in which case your ribbon is already in the mail to you. (If you aren’t coming to SAA but still want a ribbon, let me know after the conference and we’ll work something out.)

Likely places to find me are:

  • The Social Media Forum, where you’ll get to see what happens when SAA lets me work on a presentation
  • The Tweetup and Beer Roundtable
  • The Drexel reception
  • The SAA Career Center, from 11 AM-1 PM on Saturday. I will be offering career advice and hugs.
  • Anywhere with free food (students and new archivists represent!)

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3 Responses to “Deranging SAA”

  1. Robin (noteverstill) Says:

    I totally want a Deranger ribbon! I work at NARA – and I’d love to hang it on my shiny cubicle wall. Can I send you a SASE?

  2. janet carleton (@jcarletonoh) Says:

    I will be looking you up! I still have mine from last year.

  3. Susan Says:

    It was awesome to meet you today! Thanks for the ribbon. :) I always knew that you’d be a kindred spirit if I ever ran in to you somewhere. Thanks for keeping archives hip!

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