Mo Product Less Process

Oh man, it has been way too long since I inflicted my musical stylings on the Internet.

(Audio from this Youtube video, original here. Lyrics are CC-licensed. My recording is not CC-licensed; I claim fair use. I encourage you to finish the song and/or create a better recording!)

Lyrics after the jump.

Mo Product Less Process
Now, who’s got a backlog
Linear feet? Try city blocks
You tell me who’s got the time to process
rehousing, arrangement, description,
providing access at the item level
writing finding aids in extreme detail
Can’t stop, got another staple to pull
Guarantee a million folders, all acid-free
Lot of work for a lone arranger like me
I don’t play around, Plastiklip, lay it down
But researchers want access, and they want it now
So I write a little rant, post it on A&A,
Can’t keep processing collections this way
After twenty-three out of office replies
I do a Google search, and to my surprise
I read about this paper, feel a little bit wiser
And then I yell, Thank you, Mark Greene and Dennis Meissner!
Minimal processing, MPLP
It’s like the less time we spend processing, the more product we see

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One Response to “Mo Product Less Process”

  1. akamarkman Says:

    The line “After twenty-three out of office replies” is pretty fantastic, thanks for this!

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