Why I still love the archives (and you should too)

What a week, Derangers! And now, for some Friday Fun, the best thing I’ve seen on the internet all week. (And I had no idea it was coming!)

Thank you, Jewish Museum of Maryland, for your humor and creativity. Thank you for confirming why I use Creative Commons licenses for my comics. And thank you for reminding all of us why, despite the many challenges facing our profession, we still love the archives.

(OMG did you see the dancing silverfish?!?)

3 Responses to “Why I still love the archives (and you should too)”

  1. MicheleR Says:

    <subject>Archives — Brilliance</subject>
    <subject>Archives — Humor</subject>

    (Had intended to track you down at SAA and tell you in person how much I enjoy your blog — will have to settle for this virtual greeting!)

  2. E Says:

    Where’s the audio? It cuts off when they are going to sing!

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