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Why I make comics instead of posting to A&A

July 30, 2010

What the fonds, Internet? Why do you always explode in drama when I am on vacation?

Anyway, there have been some interesting discussions about potential improvements to our beloved A&A. And no offense to the bloggers and their commenters, but I think their suggestions for places to talk about archives are a bit…uncreative. Blogs? Twitter? Wikis? I have some EVEN BETTER IDEAS.

(Photo credits, top to bottom: Smithsonian Institution, Rachel Miller, LSE Library. Cudos to Grant L. Simpson for the Chatroulette screenshot, and to everyone who sent more cat photos than I can possibly fit in one comic. Parody, fair use, etc.)

Describing Archives: A Content Song; or, Seasons of DACS

July 16, 2010

Another song parody, woohoo!

(Yeah, I used to have a partial recording here–sorry, got shy, took it down.)

Full lyrics after the jump.


Look at this foxing hipster

July 8, 2010

Oh hey look, it’s the third anniversary of that godawful NYTimes article!

I assure you, the ladies in that photo (thanks State Library of New South Wales!) are hipsters: they are wearing those hats IRONICALLY.