Rejected themes for SAA’s 75th anniversary

At least, I assume they would be rejected…

Yeah, I am so getting my ass kicked in DC. Cudos to @amycsc for the inspiration, and don’t forget to submit better ideas to SAA by the 31st!

Photo credits (all from Flickr Commons):

Panel 1: New York Public Library

Panel 2: The U.S. National Archives

Panel 3: LSE Library



2 Responses to “Rejected themes for SAA’s 75th anniversary”

  1. Kathie Johnson Says:

    How about a bunch of derelict looking beatniks with the phrase:
    “100% Acid-free – well almost” 75 years of SAA

  2. GGenova Says:

    This page is HILARIOUS! I’m looking over the web for theme ideas for the 75th anniversary of the American Composers Alliance, 1937-2012, and found this page. Too funny.

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