RAIN of terror

Offered without comment.

Original from the U.S. National Archives on Flickr Commons

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3 Responses to “RAIN of terror”

  1. terryx Says:

    OMFG! that drama is so totally like that oldie movie with that grandma from On Golden Pond and that dude who was rolling around in the surf in that other old movie. Good times.

  2. Megan Says:

    I love how you retained the original typo! Funny!

  3. MK Says:

    Luv your site, DeeDee, been enjoying it for a year now. Laughed at this comic, too, but have mixed feelings. Thought, “you know what, I like and respect Ed.” Why? Because he is his own man, posts under his own name, participates in the A&A list, says what he thinks and he obviously isn’t trying to curry any favor or win any coolness points. He is who he is. Authentic. Good man, from what I can tell. The list has all sorts of quirky characters. I’m one myself. Definitely not cool, couldn’t be if I tried.

    I was a totally bookish dork in high school. That’s stayed with me. I’m drawn to speaking up for the underdogs, the people who aren’t the cool ones, the ones others won’t speak up for. Plus “war is over (if you want it).”

    I’ve gotten some very nice off-list feedback to my RAIN query, from everyone from students to grandmothers. Nice to see that people don’t fit cooke cutter stereotypes. Some students and newbie archivists really like RAIN, some older people don’t. And vice versa. Indiviualsm rules!

    I look forward to your comics every week, like everyone, I really enjoy a laugh on Mondays!

    Be well,


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