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Rejected themes for SAA’s 75th anniversary

May 28, 2010

At least, I assume they would be rejected…

Yeah, I am so getting my ass kicked in DC. Cudos to @amycsc for the inspiration, and don’t forget to submit better ideas to SAA by the 31st!

Photo credits (all from Flickr Commons):

Panel 1: New York Public Library

Panel 2: The U.S. National Archives

Panel 3: LSE Library

RAIN of terror

May 20, 2010

Offered without comment.

Original from the U.S. National Archives on Flickr Commons

Derangement and Description Loves xkcd Loves the Discovery Channel

May 12, 2010

Click through to see an epic 24-panel comic!

Inspired by this xkcd comic, which was inspired by this video. A million cubic feet of thanks to Christie Peterson for suggesting the idea!

Hey Derangers: want to make a video like the xkcdians did? Share your ideas in the comments!

Photo credits (links to images in Flickr Commons):

Panel 3: Smithsonian Institution

Panel 17: Center for Jewish History

Panel 20: Field Museum

Panel 22: The U.S. National Archives