5 Responses to “Now this is a story all about how/Archives got flip-turned upside down”

  1. Christine Di Bella Says:

    Appreciated the decision to parse out the bits of data with this rather than throw it all into the . Sophisticated searching is the name of the game in Fresh Prince research.

  2. Brian Says:

    Why no s?

    Also, you almost always use “ ” around attributes values rather than ” “. That’s not going to parse! :)

    • Dee Dee Says:

      Good thing humans can parse image files, and computers can’t! :) I go for readability–otherwise, I’d do the comics as oXygen screenshots. And I don’t think s add much to the humor. I put

      s only where required by EAD.

      But I realized that the XML comics come out way better as PNGs, so at some point I’m going to repost most of them. Maybe I’ll fix the quotation marks too.

    • Dee Dee Says:

      And by s and s I meant [lb/] and [p/], of course.

  3. Brian Says:


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