Happy Birthday, Derangement and Description!

A year ago today, I posted the very first Derangement and Description comic, and it’s been a pretty awesome year since. I have a scary scary backlog of comic ideas and can’t wait for another year of archives lulz.

Thanks for reading, Derangers! And thanks to everyone who has shared comic ideas or fixed my EAD–I couldn’t have done it without you.

Since it’s awfully short notice for a party, we will be having a virtual birthday picnic in the comments! Hooray! Please post what dish you are bringing!



4 Responses to “Happy Birthday, Derangement and Description!”

  1. Amanda Says:

    I’ll bring along some “Whipp’d Syllabub extraordinary” (courtesy of the University of Manchester’s John Rylands University Library and the Archives Hub!).

  2. Amanda Says:

    P.S. Happy Birthday!

  3. Rob S. Says:

    Happy Birthday! What’s a virtual picnic without potato salad?

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