Hitting below the belt


Dear A&A,

Someday I might want to post a question to you, but I am afraid because you can be really mean sometimes. Try to be nicer to each other, okay?

With love and metadata,
~Dee Dee

Photo from the George Eastman House on Flickr Commons.

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2 Responses to “Hitting below the belt”

  1. Eira Says:


  2. GeeGee Says:

    Hahahahaha. I think some of what you see in that forum (and others) is what communications specialists call ritual opposition between two guys. If you aren’t part of the ritualized competition, you should be ok in posting outside that framework. I don’t think you would get caught in that crossfire. Actually, I took it as a good sign that one of the posters you referenced linked to your comic at his own site! I’d say generally, feel free to post questions at the list. As one of the students monitoring the list said earlier in the year, classroom observers seem to regard it as generally friendly and helpful, just as Twitterati often are. I think any questions from you would be welcome by most of the subscribers.

    The proposed revision to the a&a TOP, posted there last week, includes the following: “Avoid inflammatory remarks of a personal nature. Similarly, when reading a message, be slow to take offense. In general, assume that an individual had good intentions when posting a message, but the rapidity of the medium, the lack of visual cues, and other factors may make an otherwise.” Since you seem to have a good rep in the blogging community (even having won a prestigious award), I don’t see why you couldn’t post there.

    Thanks again for laugh.

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