Introducing the Deranged Dictionary

I’m a fan of the Glossary of Archival and Records Terminology–I often refer to it when I draw my comics–but it just isn’t very funny. Today I present the first installment of what I hope will be an ongoing series: The Deranged Dictionary. These are words that I think would be fun to have in our collective vocabulary, with helpful illustrations of their (intended) usage.

If you use a Deranged Dictionary word in conversation, please let me know!  When I get enough submissions, I’ll make a page for them on the site.

Now, on to this week’s comic!




(Maybe I’m just bitter because e-mails about flowers get more fan mail than I do.)


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5 Responses to “Introducing the Deranged Dictionary”

  1. Lori Lindberg Says:

    Perfect, darlin’! You have got it goin’ on…a cheerful amount of ribbing and critique, in the best possible manner!

  2. Andrea Says:

    Oh yes, I heartily agree!

  3. jessica Says:

    tee hee

  4. Jen Says:

    That’s hilarious. And so obscure. I love it. Although half my wallpapers are Friday Flowers…

  5. Archived for her pleasure « Derangement and Description Says:

    […] Archived for her pleasure By Dee Dee Finally, another entry for the Deranged Dictionary! […]

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